Make Every Sweep A Clean Sweep

Why do I need air duct cleaning?

Just because you can’t see what’s happening in the structure of your home, doesn’t mean it’s not affecting you!

A lot can happen in your air ducts that can cause health problems and make your home impossible to keep clean.

Did you know? Mold can grow in your air ducts and insulation as a result of problems with heating and cooling systems. Once it’s in your air ducts, the mold spores will eventually be pushed into your breathable air, making you very sick!

If you’ve been getting sick without explanation, noticed a high level of dust in your home, or had problems with insects or rodents, you need to schedule an air duct cleaning service call with us!

What about dryer vent cleaning?

Every time you use your dryer, the lint and other debris from your clothing gets pushed to your dyer vent. Over time, it builds up, and will eventually become blocked. Clogged dryer vents are the #1 cause of house fires in the U.S.!

Dryer vent cleaning isn’t just a preventative service; it puts money BACK in your wallet! Clearing the vent out will allow more airflow and increase the efficiency of your dryer!

Take care of two concerns at once – Clean Sweep provides air duct and dryer vent cleaning for Hudson, Ohio, residents – keeping them safe and secure!

Why Clean Sweep?

At Clean Sweep, we’re a family owned and operated company; providing air duct and dryer vent cleaning for Hudson, Ohio residents for over 15 years.

Due to our high volume of clients, we recently purchased NEW equipment to continue to provide top quality air duct cleaning in Hudson, Ohio!

As your neighbors, we value your business and understand the environmental factors in your area and encourage you to take your safety seriously. Call Clean Sweep today to schedule your services!

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Our customers always come first. Here is what a few of them have to say:

Tony was right on time, very professional and informative. Will definitely hire him for future needs.

-Matt F
-South Euclid, OH

Tony was very professional, quickly responding to my emails, text messages and answering the phone. He came on time and did job quickly.

-Alec N.
-Cleveland, OH

Tony was very professional and polite. Got to work right away. He also went on the roof and inspected the chimney. He took pictures of cracked tiles and cracks in the chimney. His pricing is reasonable. Glad I found him. Will recommend him to neighbors.

-Vincent M
-Novelty, OH

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