Make Every Sweep A Clean Sweep

Why do I need air duct cleaning?

Over time, dirt, dust, pet dander, germs, mites, mold, smells and more accumulate in the ducts and furnace of your system. As the system runs and air passes thru these dirty ducts it is then blown into your home! Don’t breathe dirty air!

We clean the entire system using brushes, whip tubes and high pressure air. The main cleaning unit is connected to the main trunk lines to create a negative air flow. We start by cleaning each duct working our way from top to bottom and finishing up with the furnace. This includes the supply and return ducts in each room as well as the furnace coils and blower unit.  After cleaning, we sanitize and deodorize. The product we use for this is Envirocon, it is environmentally friendly and safe for all people and pets.


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What about dryer vent cleaning?

Over time lint collects inside the dryer vent tube and inside the lint trap. As it builds, air flow is reduced and your dryer works harder. This results in longer dry times, a less efficient dryer and the chance of a fire.

Yearly cleanings will help free up your time, lower your utility bill and reduce the chance of a dryer fire. Dryer fires are the #1 cause of home fires in the USA! Call today to schedule an appointment.

Why Clean Sweep?

Clean Sweep Home Services performs a thorough cleaning of your air delivery system. We use the most advanced High Efficiency Particulate Air Filtered Air Duct Cleaning System available. It is designed and manufactured by Nikro Industries, one of the leading makers of H.E.P.A filtered vacuum equipment in the United States. Our equipment is manufactured to meet or exceed OSHA, EPA, and NADCA standards for cleaning the air of nuisance dusts.

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Our customers always come first. Here is what a few of them have to say:

Tony was right on time, very professional and informative. Will definitely hire him for future needs.

-Matt F
-South Euclid, OH

Tony was very professional, quickly responding to my emails, text messages and answering the phone. He came on time and did job quickly.

-Alec N.
-Cleveland, OH

Tony was very professional and polite. Got to work right away. He also went on the roof and inspected the chimney. He took pictures of cracked tiles and cracks in the chimney. His pricing is reasonable. Glad I found him. Will recommend him to neighbors.

-Vincent M
-Novelty, OH

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