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vent cleaning

Why do I need air duct cleaning?

Because your air ducts get dirty and should be cleaned every 3-5 years! Over time, dirt, dust, pet dander, germs, mites, mold, smells and more accumulate in the ducts and furnace of your system. We clean the entire system.  This includes the supply and return ducts in each room as well as the furnace coils and blower unit.  After cleaning, we sanitize and deodorize. We use a product that is called Envirocon and it is environmentally friendly and safe for all people and pets. People with allergies or sensitivities to dust may benefit from the installation of a gremicidal UV light. These light systems kill organic matter passing through the light spectrum and are installed in the furnace plenum. That includes germs, mold, bacteria, mites, and more so they are helpful. Call us for an estimate!

When should I have my dryer vent cleaned?

If your clothes take longer than usual to dry, chances are lint is collecting in the ducts and need cleaned. Clogged vents can cause the heating element in your dryer to burn out or catch fire. And according to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are nearly 3,000 clothes dryer fires reported each year. Regular cleaning will help keep your dryer working properly and keep you and your family safe. So if you need an appointment just click ->   Contact Us

Why Clean Sweep Home Services?

Clean Sweep Home Services performs a thorough cleaning of your air delivery system. We use the most advanced High Efficiency Particulate Air Filtered Air Duct Cleaning System available. It is designed and manufactured by Nikro Industries, one of the leading makers of H.E.P.A filtered vacuum equipment in the United States. Our equipment is manufactured to meet or exceed OSHA, EPA, and NADCA standards for cleaning the air of nuisance dusts. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority! So give us a call today. Call us today to Request Service for your home!